Apollon's Eye

Appolon's Eye

In order to prevent accidents and disease caused by particles coming from space, with the help of data coming from satellites in the outer space, different types of alarms; visual or acoustic, are set on your devices to provide a real time status update or alert you when the levels are dangerous.

Using real-time data coming from a NASA satellite detecting electrons, proton and X-ray contained in the solar wind, the application generates visual/acoustic alerts on tablets and smartphones, Smart LED HUE (Philips) or Smart Glass MOVERIO (Seiko Epson). The alert signal will reach the Earth one hour before the solar flare, making it a universe weather forecast. This will give you enough time to take precaution measures in advance (unplug electronic devices, cancel a flight, avoid elevators, prediction of Dellinger effect, protect valuable data..etc). Such measures are particularly more necessary in high latitudes due to the increased damage risk. You will be able to receive real-time alert information from the satellite directly in your device at any moment and in any situation, whether you are in the office, living room or the bathroom. The application is also user friendly and can be used even by children or elderly and will come in many languages.

Further Development

Currently, we are developing Apollon's Eye and additional study related to Apollon's Eye listed below.

(1) Improvement of current version

1 Addition of sound function 2 Normalization of date format 3 Improvement of UI

(2) Addition of related alert function (additional function); Addition of real time alert based on past data and calculations.

Below is the calculations we are doing.

1 Past satellite, weather,big data from geological studies.


Past fear phenomenon data

(ex.) disease data,earthquake data, disaster data,breakdown of household appliance data, sales of drug store data

2 Using above data, indicate AR for a forecast from real time censer data.

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